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Bernie , 12 Jun 2009

Anyone live near Chicago to start a supprt group?

I would love to meet any one who lives near Chicago to start a group to talk about this with. I need help. It has taken over my life!
2 Answers
June 13, 2009
Hi Bernie Seems you have the same problem as me ... I live in Bryanston, Gauteng, South Africa and when I first found out that I had a problem I freaked and immediately looked around for a support group anywhere in my area ... nothing. It's really not that well publicized - perhaps because we find comfort from the anonymity of discussing it on forums like these ... and we can usually make contact with someone just about any time day or night. Reading other's entries feels like we're having a conversation, but without having to take notes ... we can just go back to what someone said. I've been wandering about starting a support group here in SA, but what if I'm the only one - which I know I'm not, but may be the only one who's wanting to try to do something about it ... so perhaps it's safer / less risky hanging around here - am I a coward!!! Probably. Actually still coming to terms with the "diagnosis" - I didn't realise the extent of what I do until 6months ago it came up/out. WOW. Talk about freaking out. I don't quite know why I didn't know ... I s'pose I just thought it was something quirky I did. I had no idea that there are so many of us. Comforting on one hand, saddening on the other - it shouldn't be this way. Good luck with getting a group started. Hope it works out - let me know how it goes. S
June 19, 2009
I lived in Chesterfield , MO. I know it is not right down the block but I too have been looking for a support group!

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