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Blondeone , 26 Aug 2017

40 years of Dermatillomania

I m a 49 year old female that has had Dermatillomania since I was a young child. I've had a lot of tragic life events that has left me with many BFRB, high anxiety and depression. I know when I hurt myself that I am hurting my love ones. I can not control myself sometimes and I fall into the cycle of HURTING, HIDING and HEALING. I am very good at makeup coverage and I hate when people say your skin looks great! I feel awful like you have know idea how I abuse myself/skin. My new therapist says I have this issue because I did not properly bond with my mother who has been deceased since 1986 at the age of 37. I really want to stop this behavior now. I would love go into my fifties Dermatillomania free. I have to go out in public today and there is no way I can hide the damage I've done to my face. I get so sick to my stomach thinking of having someone notice my gross issue. I have months of remission and then I start the cycle again.

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August 26, 2017

I empathize with your pain.
Very interesting how you experience months of remission in between the picking episodes. Are you able to go fully without picking anything in those months or is it just very minor picking? Has it always been in this particular pattern or have you begun to have months of remission only in recent years?

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