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August 29, 2017

Chasing those white nodules deep inside the pore is what does a lot of us in. Its the chase of the hunt, some sort of challenge for us to come to the rescue of our skin. I personally never extracted fat from a picked sore. Its worrisome because when you damage the fat layer, it can leave an obvious indentation on the skin. I am sure that it will heal in time, you just need to give it a week to two weeks. Once the wound closes up a bit you can maybe apply medicated Manuka honey in order to speed up the healing process? Its used in hospitals to heal wounds. Just allow the inflammatory process to take its course for now. Which band-aids are you using currently? Switch to hydrocolloid bandaids and the wound will heal much faster.

August 31, 2017

Hello there... So that's what it was... a year ago I picked my skin near my cheek so much for so long... I was convinced there was a cyst inside that whole since after squeezing a pimple, the bump would not go away for days... but with a needle I managed to "fish" a transparent/ yellowy raisin size (a bit wrinkled like one) slippery mass out of it, which got out out of a sudden from the small hole... it hurt so much to "pull any further" that I freaked out... and put it back in. That incident scared me and made me realize I had a problem. It was a reality check. But until today I thought it had been a soft cyst or even something unknown to man. Good news is: I washed it over and over and used antiseptics to clean it, anti inflammatory ointment for 2 days, lots of ice at the time to prevent it from becoming swollen and went to bed / slept over it for many hours. The next day it looked bad... but not as awful as I expected, and to my surprise it healed ok. No marks. Just watch it and see if it seems to be healing with no serious infections... otherwise it would be best to see a doctor. :-( I hope it will sort out fine without any further stress...!