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Lisa_p , 29 Aug 2017

Potential cure for little white things in your face

Hello everyone.

I've been silently watching this site for years now, as I've struggled with my picking issues, so firstly thank you. You won't know that you've helped, but you have.

Bit of background; I've been picking at my face for about ten years now. I don't know exactly when or why, but it's been at least ten years since I've been able to go outside without a full face of makeup, because I basically looked like the 'after photos in those Faces of Meth campaigns.

I used tools to dig out what looked like tiny white grains of rice or worms. Pins, needles, tweezers, safety pins - even those sharp things you get in dental cleaning kits. My face has been a treasure map of scabs and scars and open wounds for as long as I can remember.

Any way, the reason I've felt compelled to finally contribute something is that I think I have found a magic potion to make the lumps and bumps and weird little white things (whatever the he'll they may be) go away. It's been about eight weeks and my face has been as clear as it was before this awful addiction started.

It all started when I got s bout of dermatitis around my nose and mouth. I was looking online for things to make it less red and itchy, and someone recommended Elemis SOS Emergency Cream. It's really not cheap, I think I paid about £65 for a bottle.

I was nervous to use it at first because it's really heavily scented and my face erupts when I put pretty much anything on it - even aloe gel! But I tried it, and no reaction, so I kept using it night and day, and something amazing happened. Not only did the dermatitis go, but so did all the weird white wormy things, in fact all the little bumps on my face vanished!

Anyone who suffers from dermatillomania knows that we're not picking at nothing! There has to be something there for our fingers to find to spark the compulsive digging. Since using this THERE'S NOTHING THERE TO PICK.

It's not a miracle cream, my scars haven't vanished, but I'm not creating new ones, which for me is so life changing I can't even explain. But I know you all will understand. I can finally go our without makeup and not freak out that people are staring at me. It's amazing.

As a side note, I've also been taking high strength vit c, omega 3 and a probiotics every night. I don't know if this is also helping, but it can't hurt!

If you can afford it, or if you can get a sample, I urge you to try Elemis SOS Emergency Cream and see if it helps.

I really hope by posting this I can help at least one other person to cure their skin.

Big love x

1 Answer
August 30, 2017

Dear Lisa, I just read your post and it got me very interested. I have been a skin picker for too long (I am 37 - had acne/serious picking since my teenage years, but before that I had also more mildly picked my hair, plucked ingrown hairs, etc etc).
I have still very oily skin and large open pores, which I guess became this bad with the picking, and the icing on the cake are some ugly scars (not to mention a recurrent large bill with dermatologists...).
I recently bought probiotics and omega-3 suplements, recommended from a very healthy friend... since I never ate healthly and am trying to get pregnant - so it was unrelated.
But after taking a look at your post, I research some more...!!
And actually it might have been the combination of all things together that cured you!
The cream kept your skin moisturized - and it prevented it from scaling and healing badly, while the suplements seem to have worked well on your brain + metabolism.
The cream is on my list and I will buy it too :)
Thanks for the tip... to my surprise, I found many websites and blogs that state similar things!! Below some related links:…
Excited to follow your tips.

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