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August 30, 2017

Dear Lisa, I just read your post and it got me very interested. I have been a skin picker for too long (I am 37 - had acne/serious picking since my teenage years, but before that I had also more mildly picked my hair, plucked ingrown hairs, etc etc). I have still very oily skin and large open pores, which I guess became this bad with the picking, and the icing on the cake are some ugly scars (not to mention a recurrent large bill with dermatologists...). I recently bought probiotics and omega-3 suplements, recommended from a very healthy friend... since I never ate healthly and am trying to get pregnant - so it was unrelated. But after taking a look at your post, I research some more...!! And actually it might have been the combination of all things together that cured you! The cream kept your skin moisturized - and it prevented it from scaling and healing badly, while the suplements seem to have worked well on your brain + metabolism. The cream is on my list and I will buy it too :) Thanks for the tip... to my surprise, I found many websites and blogs that state similar things!! Below some related links: https://blog.radiantlifecatalog.com/the-5-supplements-that-healed-my-acne https://draxe.com/cystic-acne/ http://www.clearskinforever.net/probiotics-acne/ Excited to follow your tips. Best Mbr