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mbr1978 , 01 Sep 2017

Share/ recap please your best tips & products that "definitely cured" your acne...?

Hi everyone!
I am new here, just started my treatment...
Picked for over 25 ys (I am 37)... had trichotillomania as a child, and my skd was triggered by my "perfectionism" (or ocd/ocpd).
I have always had acne... as an adult, they now usually come as small bumps that ruin the texture of my skin (I pick them... and make it worse/ inflame). I became quite a good surgeon with my needles and pointy tweezers... these ones "hurt" a bit when I touch then, and when I squeeze them (using the needle if the channel does not seem open/clear enough), a hard rice-shaped thing comes out of it. Sometimes the same spot develops a rigid white ball, that also hurts... even more when squeezed. They pop and I can amost here the noise...
I think the first ones could be Demodex, and these last ones, small cysts, not sure.
Throughout the years I took multiple rounds of roaccutan (I loved it - made my skin so smooth there was nothing for me to pick on!) and would still take it from time to time - except that for now I am tired of it and am trying to get pregnant - so retinoids/oral antibiotics are out of the question.
My sister shared a similar skin type (and same or even more acne vs mine) growing up... and she also had a mild (healthier) picking habit... but my big pores and scarred skin (result from my constant "intervention") show nowadays who actually had a problem from the 2. She is a year older and her skin today looks perfect... though she is still complaining (...runs is the family). She is a reminder of what my skin could have been (sad, right?).
I am reading many great tips but it is so hard to hunt for them ( many posts)!
Can you please tell me which products and alternate solutions / new stuff you have been using REALLY worth sharing? Real life definitive savers?
I am mainly interested in reducing the oil excess from inside out... (vitamins, suplements etc) and how to reduce reappearance with the best topical stuff - as long as it does not interfere with me being (sooner or later) pregnant :).
I got all the notes already on how to "treat after picked skin".
Will keep you all posted on my own tips and next steps.
All the best!
Thanks in advance.

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