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mbr1978 , 01 Sep 2017

Phenol peeling?

Anyone here who has done it for acne scars?
Can you share your thoughts?
I have mild scars (rolling for most), in some specific areas... this moght be too intense for my case, but curious about it anyway.

2 Answers
September 01, 2017

I read about phenol and its a toxic acid which can damage the liver. Overall I freaked out researching more information on it. The doctors have to monitor your overall body during and after the peel for signs of poisoning. It seems to be an outdated procedure. Have you talked to a derm about it? It would be interesting to find out what they have to say about it.

September 03, 2017

...I read about it on
My doctor said it is in fact too intense and old fashioned, risky... he does not perform it anymore. Thank you; I needed/wanted different opinions... :)

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