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serene , 03 Sep 2017

Liquid bandaid products

Who has tried them and how has your experience been with these products helping to heal your skin? Are hydrocolloid bandaids more effective? Does liquid bandaid allow for easier makeup application over scabs? Would like to hear any reviews on these products.

2 Answers
September 26, 2017

Liquid bandaid hurts like hell! And you'll be tempted to pick the nailpolisj-like film off.

September 26, 2017

I actually tried it out and realized that its ideal for small surface picks. The deep wounds benefit more from hydrocolloid bandaids. I hate using hydrocolloid bandaids on small stubborn wounds that are shallow in depth, therefore liquid bandaid is handy in those situations. Yes it does sting and hurt....but I dont mind the pain because I am accustomed to harming my I became conditioned to the pain and it simply doesnt bother me much. I also leave it on for the most part, not too tempted to pick it off, only if its flaking off and needs a new coat.

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