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serene , 03 Sep 2017

Body acne and various bodywash products

For anyone who is struggling with body acne, I suggest that you stay cautious of "moisturizing" bodywash products. Especially bodywashes which are of a thicker consistency. These particular products tend to contain ingredients which leave a film on top of your skin, hence the "moisturizing" claim. The film creates a barrier between the skin and outside environment, locking in moisture. This same barrier can clog pores and exuberate body acne. In the winter I religiously used Dove bodywash and I now realize they are some of the worst products on the market for skin which is prone to acne. My arms and chest began to break out in constant pimples. I then switched products and realized that one of the best affordable and beneficial bodywash products at the drugstore are the Aveeno bodywashes. They have a bunch of various kinds and I tried almost all...each one has persistently kept my body free of breakouts. I am now trying out the Le Petit Marseillais bodywash products, which are new on the market. Hopefully they dont clog my pores, as I really like the pleasant scents. I would be curious to hear any other recommendations if anyone has tried a great product that has been particularly effective at keeping body acne at bay.

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