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Georgia-May , 08 Sep 2017

Scars on groin

I've been picking my face for a couple of years now to the point I can't wear makeup as my face is so flaky and textured from the scars, but a few months ago I started picking at my groin/bikini line area and there was two small scars left there not that noticeable but it was annoying me! about a week ago I was feeling really down and I stupidly started picking at the two scarred areas with tweezers and a safety pin! once I'd realised what I'd done I stopped and they scabbed but like a day later the scabs ripped of way to early and now I'm left with super dark red/purple deep scars I'm so annoyed at myself! I can't wear a bikini as you would see them and were meant to be going on holiday soon! So I'm wondering if recommends anything to use to help fade them???

2 Answers
September 08, 2017

Try Mederma or using hydrocolloid coverings such as DuoDerm thin.


September 08, 2017

Hydrocolloid bandaids to help them heal (perfect for larger and deeper picked areas) and once they heal up to the point where they are not oozing much you can even try New Skin Liquid Bandaid. I use both on my picked areas. The Liquid Bandaid is perfect for small picks or scabs which have healed a bit.

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