Scalp picking and hair loss

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October 06, 2017

Do you suffer with PTSD? Because obsessions such as skin picking tend to be maladaptive coping strategies. You need to heal from within in order to get a better grip on such behavior. As for hair not growing fom's impossible for hair to regrow once you deeply damage the root at it's base. Deep picking will usually permanently eliminate hair roots along with the skin's melanin production...that's why scars appear white. You need to heal the effects of the trauma in order to get better. Are you seeing a therapist?

November 17, 2017

I have the same problem but I felt like I was the only one for years. I don’t recall mine starting after any particular trauma. I just remember a kid in my 7th grade class looking at me, scratching his head and laughing. I’m 22 now and picking my scalp feels like the most embarrassing thing in the world. I always wear my hair up to hide the red wounds and also haven’t had my hair done in years. Fortunately I have thick hair so my hair has grown back in some places but it comes back extremely coarse and curly and takes forever. In other places there is a small bald spot if it has scarred over. Hopefully that helps you feel less alone and gives you some hope that maybe your hair will come back soon!