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ingrownhair , 12 Oct 2017

raw skin from ingrown hairs

About 5 years ago I noticed a few bumps on my chin and assumed they were pimples. However, after trying to get rid of them I discovered that they were actually ingrown hairs (ewww) so, I would try and pluck them out.
Now the entire area of my right chin and just beneath my jawline continually have them. It has gotten to th e point where I can just pull the skin and it will come off in sheets. The ingrown hairs will sometimes come out by plucking, but some never do. The area will clear up for several days until it starts all over again. I keep picking at the area hoping to get the hair out and now the skin stays raw most of the time.
I have discussed this with dermatologists and they look at me like I'm crazy. Ive been prescribed Retin A
bactroban; Ive tried tea tree oil, aloe, and all the over the counter products like Skin Tend for ingrown hairs.......nothing has worked.
Has anyone gone through this?

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