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October 28, 2017

Self punishment. We love to self punish ourselves. And self hatred. Not being good enough in our mind. If we treasued ourselves we would not permit such behavior to happen. It's all about gaining self acceptance and being kind to ourselves. To say we are good enough and that our skin and face are good enough. Skin picking is a very sad disorder. One which is tainted with guilt and regret. Be careful of giving up the fight. When you are tired do not allow your mind to rationalize the picking. That's the most vulnerable state to be in. This disorder takes a massive amount of will power to maintain on a daily basis. Just think of how it feels to avoid a particular spot ...the lingering thoughts throughout the day to pick it...the screaming urge which causes you inability to focus until you "do something" about that pore/pimple. Whether I pick or not, usually something about my skin bothers me. Just knowing that I have an active whitehead on my face bothers me just as much as knowing that I have a healing picked spot which I need to hide. Tiresome predicament.