How I stopped picking my lip after more than 20 years by using lip peeling

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November 19, 2017

Same concept which I use with chemical peels for facial skin. The chemical peels make skin smooth and soft, evening out tone and texture...which tempts me to pick less. Its a continuous cycle of upkeep but it helps with breakouts as well as minimizing appearance of scars. Combine the chemical peels with retinol and moisturizers packed with antioxidants and you get magnificent results. I hope that in time with regular peels I will be able to break this picking habit. The downside is that I took a two year break from doing peels and my picking intensified. So getting back on track recently has given me a bit more hope for the future. I was able to beat horrible nail biting habit this year (habit which I had for 23+ years), therefore there might be hope for me to beat this skin picking impulse as well.