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iwilltellyouthetruth , 16 Jun 2009

I hope this helps someone - the truth on Dan LeGrand's 9-minute permanent cure.

SORRY, BUT THIS FORUM REFORMATTED EVERYTHING INTO ONE LONG, HARD-TO-READ BLOCK. STICK WITH IT. I agree with the comment below; this is certainly not a virus or any other similar threat, but it is a scam in the sense that Dan promises that you can simply watch a video and you are cured, all within 9 minutes. (Why not 10? Marketing! 10 minutes sounds way too long, compared to only 9 minutes. Same reason the video is priced at $39.99; psychologically it "feels" much cheaper than a whopping $40) Of course this is not possible. There is no free lunch, there are no instant cures. However, I believe that Dan is sincere in what he is offering, and believes in his method, and I've no doubt it will work for anyone who makes the commitment to do the work. Yes, it requires work and effort on your part. Despite Dan's insistence to the contrary, what he is offering here is THERAPY. It is not psychoanalysis or so-called talk therapy, but it is indeed a combination of proven Cognitive and Behavioral therapy techniques, with a bit of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a smidgen of famous self-help guru Tony Robbins' cognitive approach, and few pinches of perfectly helpful and useful self-awareness / breath-awareness practices. Again, I've no doubt that if one makes the commitment to doing this work, which in fact is the overt, stated crux of Dan's message (once you've paid your money), it will work for you. I too spent several hours searching around online for any sort of remotely believable, genuine user reviews of this product, any other background on the technique or Dan...all to really no avail. About all I could come up with was this guy's blog and his two videos, which seem genuine enough, but this is the internet; this "Reuben Arnold" could be anyone, including "Dan LeGrand" or the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard. I satisfied myself that at least nobody was going to steal my identity or my credit card and figured I already easily spent $25 today on much more frivolous things, so why not at least see what it is, and maybe I can at least then provide some sort of honest feedback for others out there searching for answers. (You can also pay by PayPal if you are at all concerned about using a credit card; recommended.) I didn't really know how or where I would do that. Then, only after viewing the videos (which actually run about 1/2 or more, in total. 9 minutes? WTF?) and reading the workbook (not PRACTICING the workbook, which will, again, take some actual time and effort and thoughtfulness on your part), only then did I come across this forum. While this is still the internet, and I myself could be anyone, including "Dan LeGrand"...I am only myself, and I trust that comes across readily from what I have written. I can never understand why there are not more reviews like the one I've just written. I hope it helps somebody. It would have helped me. If you decide to give it a try, you can at least purchase it here instead, for only $24.99 (That's like, $25!) [scroll all the way to the bottom] Everyone needs to earn a living. I understand that. Assuming everyone, unlike me (and now you) paid $39.99, Dan has made $17,275.68 from the 432 customers he claims. I don't know what it cost him to produce these materials, though it could not have been very much if anything at all based on the utter lack of any production values. Which, frankly, works in his favor. His narration (and the videos are just that; narrated text slides, period.) is unrehearsed and charmingly sincere-sounding. He even cracks himself up a couple of times, which no "professional" would do. Nor, do I have any idea how much time and money he has spent buying and reading books, going to Tony Robbins workshops, NLP workshops, working with some therapist or other, etc, to cull together the program he is selling. He is certainly entitled not to lose money trying to help people, and should in fact be able to make some if he wants. HOWEVER. If he, or anyone, truly believes they have something to share that will benefit people, especially people in varying degrees of desperation and need, why withhold it from anyone? Why play on their fears, anxieties and desperation? Why take advantage of them, especially when it's simply not necessary? (Wait, that was stupid; it is never necessary. Or ethical.) May I suggest another way? 1. Be honest up front in your marketing, not only after you've been paid. State that THIS WILL WORK, IF YOU DO THE WORK, which he does honestly and repeatedly IN the videos, but NEVER in marketing them. Give people realistic hopes. Sold on this suggested pitch, a person suffering with this who understands that and makes the purchase is much more likely to be successful with it. If they are desperately counting on being miraculously cured in 9 minutes by simply watching a movie, they will most likely be immediately discouraged before they even try. If you discover the cure for cancer, you don't need to say that it will also turn you invisible, make you immortal and let you fly. 2. If you cannot or do not want to freely disseminate this useful, helpful information to anyone in need (I don't expect you to be a saint), sell it for next to nothing; $3? $5? Sorry, I meant $2.99? $4.99? Do these 2 things in combination...and you will not only end up helping a LOT more people, thousands...millions even (again, this is the internet, the freaking WORLD wide web for chrissakes!), rather than a mere 432, but you would also make a ton more money. What goes around would come around. Trust yourself; trust your product. Unless you don't. As far as the non-response to refund requests...cut the crap, Dan.

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