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IamTerriffic , 11 Dec 2017

Hystorectomy and foot and hand skin peeling

Before I had my toatal hystorectomy (2012) I was prescribed opiates for the pain and I notice that my skin on the bottom of my feet would get really dry after i took the pain medication called percocet.It would itch and I would just soak my feet and lotion them .But then I got the hystorectomy and Omg my problem went from annoying to severe.The skin started to thickened up crack and peel .I started to pick at my feet until it would bleed .Does anyone remember putting glue on your hands and letting it dry then try and peel it off in hopes of having it come off without breaking ? Well that became a goal of mines but only with my skin. Most times I could achieve pulling one whole piece of skin ,mainly my heel, without it breaking .I became obessed with having to get the old dry skin off of my feet as,soon as it appeared.Another obsession was saving zip lock bags of the skin , telling myself that I was savimg it to show my doctor. Id move and tske grocerybags of old dried up skin to my new home .When I think of this now I truly sound crazy.Finally in 2016 I found a foot Dr. who knew what was happening to me .The hysterectomy and lack of estrogen was the cause .Its a name for this but I cant think it at this moment but ss,soon as I return home I will retrieve my medical records and post it and continue my story.

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