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TGS1962 , 17 Jan 2018

White balls in my wart

I have a wart that I’ve had for eight years s on my left pinkie finger. I’ve tried everything to get rid of it...freezing, trenoitin, salicylic acid, thuja, abreva, dragons blood, ACV, on and on...needle and tweezers!!! Along the way these white strings or balls have formed. If I leave the wart alone it turns into a hard scab and pushes up like a valcano. I can then get ahold of it and pull the hard skin back and those hard white balls come out with the hard scab!!! It leaves a terrible hole and bleeds... but it relieves the pain from the pressure of the wart standing up on the skin !!! Does anyone know what these are??? I used to get them on my arms too and have horrible white scar patches...looks like I’m depigmented :( I now have developed rosacea and the white bumps are starting on my cheeks and I really don’t want to start using needles on my face....Help !!!!!!

2 Answers
January 17, 2018

Hi...i would get it checked by a dermatologist, removed and have pathology checked.


January 17, 2018

The dermatologist already froze it and didn’t say anything about it. I’ve been looking at Morgellons today and it really looks like that :-( does anyone have a remedy for that???

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