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nisey , 17 Jun 2009

anyone else dealing with chronic illness/pain along with skin picking?

Hi everybody! I was just wondering if there was anyone else who was dealing with chronic illness and/or pain along with skin picking issues. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a nasty and painful form of arthritis. This leaves me very vulnerable to infection due to immune suppression. (I take Enbrel.) Also, the stress of constant pain and the anxiety about my health in general seem to feed my need to pick. I am currently in therapy. So far I haven't made much progress. Well, just wondering if there were others out there dealing with these issues too. Blessings, Nisey
1 Answer
June 18, 2009
Hi Nisey, Can't say I suffer from additional sources of pain besides the picking, except for emotional pain. I have heard of your arthritis, as my dad and uncle have it. I am sorry your are experiencing such chronic pain-- it sounds very difficult. Hang in there! About therapy-- I've just begun with a COUPLE of therapists (!!) I'd been seeing one before for family stuff and then found one who specializes in OCD. We'll see how it goes... but my only suggestion is to find someone with OCD/chronic pain mgt/impulse control disorders as a specialty. This website lists some therapists who specifically deal with sp. Take care, and hope to see you on here again.

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