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Rosie1 , 05 Mar 2018

Just tried a great antibiotic skin lotion

Hi Everyone!

I don't know if, like me, you get really sick of having wounds that take weeks to clear up? I found a new topical antiseptic that really works.

Here in Italy it's called "streptosil" but in the US I think the name is "Myciguent" (or just ask for something with neomycin sulphate as the active ingredient). I have never used such a good topical antiseptic. It literally clears up pimples just if you wipe a bit on the surface, and if you've picked it heals up overnight! Awesome stuff.

1 Answer
March 05, 2018

Were you prescribed this antibiotic ointment for aiding wound healing or to apply all over the face in order to control acne?

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