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mirabelle19 , 16 Mar 2018

Horrible sunburn picking

Hi everyone,
I am not sure if I fit very well in this community as I normally do not pick my skin, but I have a serious problem: I recently got a very very strong and bad sunburn on my face and shoulders... it looked pretty bad and kind of started to peel, but the skin did not come off yet on its own. So I picked the skin off my whole face, which was pretty painfull but I couldn’t stop. It turned very red and still is and feels very bad. I am very afraid now that this extreme redness and weird skin is going to scar a lot, leaving all of my face scarred... does anyone know what to do to prevent this from happening?
I would absolutely appreciate any advice and help!!!
thank you!!

1 Answer
March 16, 2018

Hi....what do you use to wash your face? There are products for sunburn care which include soothing and moisturising ingredients. I suggest La Roche Posay Toleriane line. I also suggest a very good sunscreen always if you are in the sun for any extended time. You may have some scarring, and possibly residual and permanent darker melanin in areas. If you are on the pill, that will increase your likelihood to be photosensitive, as well as being on certain meds and using Vitamin A, AHA/BHA and vitamin C on your skin. After it heals, a regimen of mechanical scrubs and exfoliants such as BHA/AHA/A /C will help with marks and darker spots.....but ONLY after you have completely healed.

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