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RoseGoldGal , 22 Mar 2018

Any techniques for resisting?

Hey everyone,
recently this disorder has become so out of control for me that I am picking nearly throughout the entire day. My affected area is primarily my scalp but also my face. I just cannot get myself to resist. I feel like I am losing control and I am desperate for a way to at least keep the condition manageable. So if anyone has any tips or tricks they use please share. I don't usually pick in front of mirrors so staying away from mirrors won't really help much. Thanks to everyone who responds in advance.

3 Answers
March 24, 2018

It's all about perception. Self perception along with your overall perception of life. I have recently visited my family for a month and the picking has been minimal. Partly because I was surrounded with so much support and positive affirmation....which allowed me to gain healthier habits. Also a recent allergic reaction sidetracked me to be more concerned about my health than about the picking. These events changed my self perception along with my priorities. I don't know how long this will last or if it's a temporary improvement...but I am optimistic about any changes.
Also it's important to gain a hobby or exercise routine which puts you in a "flow" state. Basically it's a state of mind where you are so engulfed in what you are doing that you lose track of time. Now this might remind you of picking itself....that is exactly why you will benefit by finding a healthy hobby which will replace the picking. I believe that the picking behavior can be created by the mind as an outlet to a flow state. If you don't have any positive outlets in your life where you escape from daily worries, the mind will latch on to repetitive behavior which is self damaging. It's a way that the mind tries to regulate itself from daily stress or internal conflict. For myself, I find gardening to be extremely soothing. It puts me into a flow state where I forget everything else. I enjoy feeling the soil between my fingers, as well as all of the sensations of touching foliage. I believe that skin pickers are very sensitive to touch. We need to constantly use our hands and feel various sensations in order to ease that inner itch which prompts us to pick. I heard of pickers finding relief in knitting, painting, and sculpting. Others find relief in routine exercises. You have to find something you love and which draws you to come back to it over and over again. It in itself will serve as a form of therapy.

January 10, 2019

I tried acrylic nails it worked bUT I took them off cause I couldn't pick while they were on
Smh, I failed!

February 04, 2019

For me I find it difficult to not pick at certain times of the day when I can see my body completely i.e. right before I get in the shower. But what I've realized is that if I'm preparing to go to an event or something and I need to look good, that's incentive for me to hold off on the picking until the day the event comes. I try to minimize the amount I pick and I tell myself even a few times isn't okay. I need to let my body heal so I don't have scabs and red spots. That's what I think of. So I'd say, for you, maybe plan a day (and stick to it!) that you're going to wear a tank top or shorts out and about around people. Set a date with your friends so you can't back out when the time comes. Give yourself however many days/weeks it may take for your sores to heal and make a goal to not pick or at least minimize picking by a TON so that when that day comes you can go out in public without having to hide your skin. Keep planning these days and practice self-control. It's so difficult, and I understand because I struggle with this myself. But I've found that being put in a situation where I HAVE to expose the parts that I pick motivates me to stop so that it will heal and go away and no one will know. Another method that works for me is if I busy myself throughout the day so that the times that I do pick most often are filled with some type of activity, I forget to pick. Hope this helped!

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