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SupraDolorem , 09 Apr 2018

Seeking Dermatillomania Sufferer for Documentary

Hello, I am the Researcher for a ground-breaking feature-length documentary titled Supra Dolorem (Latin for “On Pain”) which will offer its audience a compelling close look into the lives of people who endure various relationships with pain. The film is not at all about judging the people who choose or don’t choose to experience their pain or judge how they choose to deal with it but seeks to be an objective gateway to pain in its various forms along with the variety of relationships it has with those who experience it. Dermatillomania is an important subject related to pain which we would very much like to explore in this film.

We have received kind encouragement from to reach out to forum members in the hopes of connecting with someone 18 years or older who is extremely challenged by severe Dermatillomania. Our objective is to interview and film the individual, likely over several days, in order to bring our audience into the daily life and challenges of the Dermatillomania sufferer. We are offering a monetary honorarium to people with a history of suffering from Dermatillomania who are brave enough to honestly share their stories on camera, which, of course, can lead to greater awareness of the painful challenges sufferers face daily.

We are looking first for people anywhere in California BUT we are willing to travel anywhere within the US if your story sheds light on the personal struggles of Dermatillomania in a compelling way. If participating in this film interests you, will you please email me at If you’d like to share some of your story in your first email, please feel free but if you have questions about participating, feel free to ask them in the email or here.

Very Truly Yours,

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