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healingslowlyb… , 11 Apr 2018

Healing moisturizer for face picking !!

Hi guys this post is only going to be short and sweet.

I am 20 years old and have suffered with dermatillomania since the age of around 14/15. During this time I have had hundreds of wounds, scabs, scars and healing periods.

One thing i really struggled with during recovery (which I am still in the midst of) was getting the right face moisturizer. Obviously, with open wounds and scabs i would always seek something heavy and soothing to keep my face moist and less obviously damaged. I went through sooooo many. From simple to clean n clear, nivea, savlon, you name it - expensive and cheap i tried them all! Some worked in keeping my face hydrated but most would block the pores and areas i had picked and the dead skin would remain and restart the whole cycle of blocked skin, breaking out, picking etc.

FINALLY! I have found a miracle product. LOREALs age perfect face cream. It is absoluely delightful!!!!! Its packed with collagen and cell renewing vitamins which means it works to shed and replace any broken, dead or damaged skin. My scabs that used to take a week to shift now start shedding in a couple of days and my skin texture is the smoothest it has been in years !!! I am so happy with it.

Once a week I am also using a pumice stone to lightly exfoliate any skin the moisturizer fails to get at! Be sure to use it on damper skin so avoid damaging any scabs or thinner areas on your face.

Combined together these two are working an absolute dream for me and I have gained so much more confidence.

Sending love to you all

Just wanted to share this with the derma world

You are all so beautiful

Peace x

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