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Navy13 , 16 Apr 2018

Picking in school

I am currently in 8th grade. I have been picking for as long as I can remember. I just recently found this site and learned that dermatillomania was a thing. My mom Is aware of my picking, but I am under the impression that she thinks it's just a bad habit. I pick my fingers, and a lot of the time it is subconscious. On the rare occurrence that some of my fingers look perfectly fine, when I come home from school they will look awful. Some of them will probably have bled during the day. I really don't know what do do about it in school. I wear gloves on the bus, but if I wear them in class then I'll probably just be told to take them off. I've tried bringing in play dough or little magnets to occupy my hands. when I do this, at some point during class I'll discover that I have put the play dough down and started picking. There is a psychologist in my school and I've talked other twice but never told her about my picking. I'm a little hesitant to because how o you explain to someone that you peel the skin off of your fingers? I can just see the confusion and disgust on someone's face in my mind. Do you think that she is someone that I could talk about picking to? I know she might not be able to help me at all but it might be nice to actually talk to someone about it. Ive told my friends but they don't REALLY understand. Anyway sorry for my rant :P. Thanks for reading.

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April 17, 2018

Hey! I know how you feel. I started biting my nails when I was four, or maybe even younger! But people kept pointing out that I was biting them till they was nothing, so I stopped. Well, that's what I thought, until I noticed that I had started picking my acne and other bumps on my face. Now, my face, back and shoulders are a mess.
Be careful as you try to stop, you might just end up with another CSP like me. Maybe you could get your mom to tell your teacher to allow you to keep your gloves on in the classroom. Those toys are surprisingly useless for some people.

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