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RoseGoldGal , 17 Apr 2018

Examining the scabs upon picking

Ok this might sound tremendously gross and disturbing but I find myself needing to examine the grotesqueness of the scabs I pick. I also find that bigger scabs anger me and I'll put them up to a flighlight just trying to examine how something so gross came from my skin. I also have the need to cut the bigger scabs into smaller pieces because of how disturbing they look. Am I the only one who experiences this? It's a complete obsession. I find that when I cannot find any scabs to pick I feel really frustrated and helpless even though I know I shouldn't be picking to begin with. I feel so insane.

3 Answers
April 18, 2018

Hi....i examine the rubbery thingies/plugs and am ticked that they all look a bit different and don't know exactly why they are developing/ causing such issues. I don't like having scabs because they hurt when something is still in there. I do pick from my head if I feel one from a zit. I cover the scabs on my face with duoderm to soften and be able to remove them.
Regarding nothing to pick.....are you creating areas to have new scabs?

April 19, 2018

Hi thanks for your response. What are the rubbery things/plugs that you're referring to? I don't quite understand that. My picking is focused mainly on my scalp and it started with one scab which I got from doing a chemical treatment to my hair and I became obsessed and lost control and now there are scabs all over my I guess I did end up creating new areas to pick...but not intentionally. When I said there's nothing to pick I meant that I couldn't feel any hardened scabs when I scaned my fingers through my scalp and it made me feel panic and helpless cuz I would have to wait for the areas I already picked to heal and harden into scabs before I could pick again.

April 19, 2018

There are a few threads on here regarding plugs, rubbery things, etc that I have. Can't explain what they are exactly, but might be part of healing process as a defense. They are not demodex, warts, etc as some have suggested.
Have you done therapy regarding the stress of nothing to pick? Could writing down your thoughts of what stress issues you need soothed by picking would make it more introspective.

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