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Hocus potion , 19 Apr 2018

All natural Wonder cream: free trial

Hi all,
I have been a lifelong sufferer of dermatillomania so I more than understand the struggles that we face. After trying nearly every product and remedy under the sun with no miracle success and having a passion for natural alternatives I finally decided to develop my own treatment cream. After much research, experimentation and diplomas in naturopathy and herbalism, I finally achieved my goal, my wonder cream. It can be applied to open wounds, is soothing, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, spreads wound healing and reduces scaring. It is a medicinal balm, infused with a special combination of herbs, essential oils, butters and vitamin e.

After having amazing personal success with it, I gave it to 3 skin pickers I know who all also found it to be the cure they had always been looking for and now swear by it. I am now looking for people who would like to trial my cream for free and in return provide feedback and testimonials if happy with it. As I'm on a budget I cannot cover postage so this would be at your own expense but to put it in perspective postage would be far less than buying a store bought cream & I gaurentee the results will amaze you. Places in the trial are limited so if you are interested please email me at for more information

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