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horrificat , 19 Apr 2018

Hi guys - I pick my fingernails

Sometimes I bite or nibble but mostly I pick at my fingernails, tearing away pieces of the nail until some fingers (ok almost all) have no nail at all - just hardened callused skin. Sometimes there’s blood and pain and I still do it. If I can’t pick at the nails with my own hands, I’ll use tools - like a small knife. In the past, I’ve worn white cotton gloves (hubby calls me Mickey Mouse) and have been able to leave them alone enough to grow but I always relapse and the gloves don’t stop the urge to pick, just prevent it from happening. So here I am. I definitely need help. I’d love to be able to have long pretty painted fingernails and to wear rings again (including my wedding ring) because at the moment, I don’t like to call attention to my hands. But I will settle for just being able to pick up a card from the floor without trouble.

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