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Marpav187 , 27 Apr 2018


I’m new here . I’ve probably started compulsively picking about 2 years ago. It wasn’t so bad at fiRst but now it is. I just had an episode where I couldn’t stop picking. My face looks like I’m a meth head. I’ve been crying and crying. I don’t know how to stop. It’s so embarrassing . Help.

3 Answers
April 27, 2018

Hi....what exactly are you picking, and what do you think before you start picking?

May 03, 2018

Do you feel like you suffer from anxiety or depression? Sometimes it helps to know what mental state you are in when you are suseptable to a breakdown of really bad picking. For me when I am tired and sleep deprived or anxious about something I am very prone to pick and so I start to set myself up to avoid picking. I think most people pick their face when they are in the mirror and most people are in the mirror when they are getting ready for bed or the day. I will only use a nightlight in the bathroom and set a timer for 5 mins or so when I feel especially vulnerable. I also reccomend a good and simple routine to follow to care for your skin as suppose to damage it. I use cera va foaming face wash and simple brand rich moisturizer. When I am staying on task all I need to do is wet my face and pump the face wash onto my Clarisonic brush and wash them pat dry and apply my moisturizer. I can do this all quickly and get in and out of the bathroom!! I also highly reccomend hydrocolloid bandaids to cover any wounds before bed. It’s speeds the healing like crazy and protects the spot from any further picking or touching!

May 07, 2018

Marpav...I hope you are doing better since you wrote this. What happened around two years ago? Why do you think you began to pick in the first place? With this condition it's very important to be introspective. Introspection allows us to build our empathy towards ourselves. It is our empathy for our suffering which can halt the process of skin picking.

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