Hi. I’m Crissy and I suffer from Dermatillomania.

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May 04, 2018

Hi Crissy! It is good that you diagnosed yourself at such an early age. I relate to your story - yet I am 38 and took a little longer to admit it and share it with my loved ones :-/. This forum has personally helped me a lot, there are many interesting posts here and it is good to see we’re not alone in this. You have plenty of time to work on it and there is so much info on-line too nowadays... keep it up and focus your energies on your passions/hobbies, avoid situations that trigger your picking (in my case, bathrooms, magnifying mirrors and strong lighting...), share all the info you find with your mother. There are some ebooks you can find with chapters on how parents and loved ones should behave... I shared it with my family, and not only figured it was genetic... (my sister also has had it) but also eventually they understood. Above all, forgive yourself and be patient, once you admit it and feel the urge to change, it is half the way in my opinion. Remember you’re not your skin, and we tend to have a distorted view on it anyway... I believe in some cases NAC can help too. Anyway, all my best...!