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confumeas , 07 May 2018

Do I need professional help?

I've been picking at my skin for 3 years or so now. I was really curious as to why I was doing this, and with some research, came across the term "dermatillomania"... I was kind of glad it has a name.
But Im still conflicted to whether i need help or not. Or if i have this disorder.
I don't feel that I have severe symptoms of distress, as no one really comments too harshly on my scars. Though i do feel uncomfortable if someone asks me about it (and presses on) or seems to be staring at my scabs. (I try to hide them by moving away from the person or covering them with my hands if I'm in school). I am always consciously picking, wanting the rough scabs to go away. I don't avoid showing my scars unless i know the event I'm going to will have people made uncomfortable by it. I can't really hide my scars in school since theyre mostly around my legs. This issue I have does take up some time in my life(maybe less than an hour each day), and the scabs have been "spreading" from my legs to my arms these few months. I have taken the online test many times just to confirm my doubts and I revolve around the mild to low moderate scale. Should I get help? Do I actually have csp?

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May 08, 2018

Do understand that this condition can become worse over time. It is a smart decision to educate yourself on the disorder. I wish I had caught it so early, it might have prevented the drawn out suffering for the last 15 years. I feel that you do understand that it bothers you and that it's not normal behavior. It is a behavior that is beginning to impact your social life, altering your plans at times... to avoid certain situations or people. If you can get help now and halt the progress of the compulsions, you might save yourself years of suffering. I believe that the earlier such disorders are treated, the better the outcome. Just do not allow it to casually take it's course. It can become subconscious to a point where you aren't even aware that you are picking. Yes, do get help when the disorder is still in it's beginning stages. There is no need to wait until further damage has been done and the habit fully set.

May 08, 2018

If you have the feeling that this is a "problem" and your having a hard time stopping the behavior it never hurts to get a professionals opinion, they're professionals for a reason. I have found that physc professionals give a unique outside opinion. They ask the questions you haven't thought to ask yourself. The problem with that can be they don't always understand the obsessive part about this kind of thing. I was told to try knitting or drawing... lets just say I'm still picking. No one but yourself knows the extent of the "problem" you pick for 1 hr out of the day, someone that doesn't pick at all or enjoys the occasional pop may say you have a problem. There's pickers that sit and pick all day to extremes that would kill to just want to pick for 1hr out of the day... one persons hell can be another person's heaven, so if you think you need a professionals opinion and ideas to HELP you stop this than why wait for it to get worse before you decide to help yourself

May 08, 2018

Thank you for your replies! I appreciate them a lot. I'll seek help when I can.

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