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RoseGoldGal , 12 May 2018

How to tell your parents you need therapy.

Hello all, so I've been suffering from dermatillomania for quite a while now and it's not getting any better. In fact it coming to a point where it is so detrimental it just may end up being life or death. My picking is primarily focused on my scalp and it would be an understatement to say that I have completely destroyed it. I want to stop but the urge is mercilessly demanding. I know the only hope I have is to get professional help, but my parents don't even acknowledge this sort of thing and they have the medical insurance. I'm so torn as to what I should do to help myself at this point. I have absolutely no one to turn to. It is becoming harder and harder to wake up and live each day. I'm desperate at this point. What do I tell them in order to get the help I so desperately need? They always dismiss it and tell me to go pray about it. I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.

4 Answers
May 12, 2018

Have you shown your parents your scalp? Have they seen the proof? This lack of emotional validation might be a big trigger, and might be a possible factor creating your disorder. Just heartbreaking to read.

May 12, 2018

I showed my mom and she said it not that bad. I really don't think the issue will be taken seriously unless (God forbid) they find me dead...that's how much they're willing to dismiss it. I want to help myself but don't know how.

May 12, 2018

Ask your mom to send you to your GP, and ask her/him to send you to therapy.

Did you tell your mom why you pick? Or just show her your scalp?

May 12, 2018

My family doesn't do annual check ups or I would've definitely tried to get help through that route. I would have to be nearly dying before going to the hospital would even be considered. It just feels hopeless you know? Like there's absolutely nothing I can do about this...but thanks for all of the suggestions I really appreciate it.

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