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cdnguy221 , 18 May 2018

Inside the cheek assistance


I have a very mild case of picking my skin. Recently I decided hey why dont I pick the inside of my cheek! I had a blood blister from biting my cheek so I thought I would pop and it rip the skin off with my fingers....I did it healed no harm no foul....I just did it again and now its gone all white and patchy and really hurts (guessing infected) I have learned my lesson and the discomfort and pain I have been suffering the last couple days have taught me not to do this again =P

So I am certain it is infected and I am just trying to heal this thing now. I am rinsing with Salt water, got a antibacterial mouthwash, ibuprofen and I am using anbesol gel when the pain gets too much. Is there anything else I should be doing? it's got a lot of white inside (im assuming puss). My doctors office is close and if it worsens I will likely call them Monday but looking to see if there is anything else I can be doing int he intern. Thanks!

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