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JayneTaylor , 03 Jun 2018

Plucking hairs on face and subsequent scarring

I’m new to this site after finding it to look up ways to cure my scarred face. I almost cried looking at the forum, realising that I have an actual condition that I use as a way of control at times when i’m stressed, upset or just bored.

I’ve picked for as long as I can remember. I pick at anything and even when i’m bleeding I dont stop.

I used to pick my lips but i’ve managed to get over that to an extent by drinking loads of water so that my lips arent dry.

I have Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and shoulders and have picked at the tiny bumps for as long as I can remember. My arms are now covered in scars. I’m slowly treating that skin by using a shower gel that isnt soap based and by moisturising as soon as i get out of the shower. My skin is much smoother and looks less red and bumpy but I still pick the spots and the scars are still there.

My biggest issue is that I pluck out the hairs on my face, mainly my chin and the sides of my lips. I do this multiple times a day and now have permanent scars that are so dark i cant cover them with makeup. I tried laser treatment to get rid of the hairs but it didnt work. The texture of some of my skin has changed and i look like i have a shadow at the side of my mouth, like a guy would.
I have tried to leave the hair to grow out to try and get rid of the scarring but im too addicted to plucking to leave it for more than a day.
Creams, bleaches, waxing etc either doesnt work or gives me ingrown hairs.
Can anyone help? Im so embarrassed by it and i’m ruining my skin in a place I cant hide.

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