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Living.dead.girl , 18 Jun 2018

Just super depressed

My face is yet again broke out and scabbed, picked and destroyed....I didn't go to work, I never left the bedroom, I sat and picked some more for hours, I can't even bring myself to leave the house let alone the bedroom...I feel hideous and can't even look in the mirror do you deal with the depression from picking? The embarrassing scabs and sores ? I need to get out of this funk, but I don't know how right now.....

3 Answers
July 01, 2018

If you want a friend going through the same thing let me know.. I’d love someone to talk to who understands

July 02, 2018

I have a couple of things that I do that have helped me get out of some pretty bad funks! Number one is skincare I feel good about and cover the spots so they can begin to heal. My routine is to wash my face with cerva foaming face wash which is gentle but effective. Next I use simple brand rich moisturizer. It has never broken me out. Then once that’s absorbed I use hydrocolloid bandages on the spots that haven’t healed over yet and or seem to have stuff in them still. These are amazing and you can trim them to the sizes you need. They speed healing AND literally block you from further picking! Once you have your spots clean and covered you have to try to forget about it and give your skin some time to start healing! The longer the better! If you can put the bandages on early in the evening and leave them all night...awesome. If you can leave them on for a full 24 hours even better!! Some non skin care things that have helped me mentally are journaling, cleaning (good to feel productive in a healthy way), and running (really any exercise where you can work up a good sweat). And getting sleep!!! Sleep is so good for healing and also for the anxiety that often triggers mindless or obesssive picking. Now some additional skin care to help with preventing breakouts and also fading marks: trentinoin cream- I will use this for the rest of my life. It’s an anti acne, anti aging, anti wrinkle and sun spots, scar removal multitasking retinoid! I use this nightly and don’t have any permanent scars to date. Also I love tea tree oil as a spot treatment and antibacterial! And my go to mask is the Aztec healing clay mask with apple cider vinegar mixed in! All these things I use caution with right after a bad pick. I am gentle and stick to bandaids after picking and use those last three products once I have gotten out of the funk I was in and my wounds are healed up more!

July 03, 2018

Weekly or bi-weekly chemical peels. I tried some gentle ones such as 30% Glycolic acid and it helps with acne and imperfections. Its so mild that I can do them once a week. Basically kills bacteria and speeds up cell turnover. Check out the Perfect Image brand of chemical peels on Amazon. I dont know...I try to tell people to do chemical peels because its a miracle for people who struggle with skin issues....and yet no body seems to listen. Well, actually one user on here did listen and she raved about it afterwards. Most people seem to prefer the lotions and potions and all that. I mean, the moisturizers are great too. But once you try the peels you will feel like a fool for the fact that you didnt start doing them earlier. When I had my hiatus deep depression of 2 years and didnt do chemical peels my skin went back to being extremely acne prone and looking like crap. Chemical peels make your skin come back to life. Its like the holy grail of skin care. Plus the Glycolic acids they offer are infused with retinol...not bad at all. And for anyone flipping out and scared, you do a simple patch test before doing the whole face....just to see how your skin reacts. If you want to try it "safely" go to a derm and spend a boatload of money. Otherwise just do mild peels at home and you will see improvements....gradual improvements in less acne and improved pigmentation and texture.

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