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June 28, 2018

Sign up for counseling. Please, it will help tremendously to first have someone to talk to. Second, take great care of yourself. Pretend you're delicate AF: drink lots of water, eat only healthy foods, and get lots of sleep. https://www.everythingnoo.com/single-post/2016/05/09/This-is-your-second-post-1 ^ This article that talks about some supplements that help with picking too. Hope this helps :)

June 30, 2018

Don't fear--life is constantly changing all around us, and just in a few days of not picking, you will experience the change of your skin healing. Many people don't understand the issue, and in all honestly, people who pick, including myself don't really either... You should write down when, where, and how you pick. You will start to become conscious of your behavior. Personally, I pick my face with a mirror, so I have taken down all the mirrors. I still pick time to time, but there are certainly easy little things you can do right now to start fighting this issue. So, when, where, and how do you pick?

July 01, 2018

Hey... if you want someone to talk to going through the same thing please message me. I’m a 23 year old girl struggling with picking my skin every once in a while. Today I had to stay home from work because of it :( let me know if you wanna talk! Ky

July 02, 2018

Rcrandall96 is right! Taking extremely good care of yourself in other ways like drinking a lot of water and getting good sleep and eating very healthy improve your mental health while helping your body have what it needs to heal itself! When you are home and you have the ability to rest and hide out I highly recomend hydrocolloid bandages. But I also have found that covering up with makeup and doing your hair and forcing yourself out to live your life and look outward instead of focusing so much on your reflection helps with the mental aspect! It helps pass time and refuses to let the picking take time from your life. And even under makeup...it you can keep your hands off your skin... a full day out and about not picking is a full day of healing!