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sajmai , 26 Jun 2018


Im a 28 year old female looking for a man, but none look past my skin picking on my face, back, breasts! What should i do?

3 Answers
July 03, 2018

Find someone who also has some sort of defect, and accept and love them for it. If they can accept your defect then its a match. Dating is all about the strategy of approach. I dont know what sort of guys you look for...but acceptance can be tricky when dealing with specific issues. I met my husband knowing his struggles and he was ok with mine. I knew that the man I marry would need to be accepting of my problematic behaviors. Because this is the s**t he would have to deal with on a weekly basis. So if someone cant look past it, then forget them and look for people with eccentricities and quirks of their own. People can "fall in love" just by feeling radical acceptance.

July 04, 2018

Get some duoderm patches it heals the sores created from pickinf within 3 days and then if you get a new spot cover it up before it gets worse.

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