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Obsessed123 , 29 Jun 2018

Anyone do this with their fingers??

I was just googling this before I found this forum to see if there's a single person on earth who does this also. In addition to dermatilliomania I also have obsessive compulsive disorder which just fuels my picking fire. For as long as I can remember I have picked at my fingers. I don't chew or bite my nails, my mouth is involved in no way. I pick at the skin around my nails until the skin is sliced in a way that makes a sharp point of hardened skin, then I gently scratch myself with this razor sharp dead skin. As an adult I have even implemented tools like fingernail trimmers to REALLY get the job done. My fingers are constantly bloody and raw because I cannot stop, also because you can REALLY get your skin sharp when you slice what is trying to heal, that skin is always harder and more dense. My husband says I have what looks like zombie fingers, they get so bad sometimes that they make him sick to look at them.

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