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putthetweezersdown , 20 Jul 2018

Throw away your tweezers and your 10x mirrors!

After totally destroying my face this week I thought to myself, what the f#ck am I doing?? I’m literally LOOKING for shit to pick at. I’m looking for white plugs to pull out. Literally going out of my way to do this to myself. So. I threw away all my 10x mirrors and tweezers. Yup. I’m. Done. I have a good sore about the size of a dime on my chin. I’ll will report back to let everyone know how it healed WITHOUT me constantly trying to dig those damn white plugs out.

Talk about liberating.

9 Answers
July 25, 2018

I think those white plugs are swollen sebacious glands which are in the process of regenerating. They are particularly noticable when you pick at scar tissue. They are usually inflamed during the healing process and therefore more "spongy" and visible.

August 01, 2018

I’m really starting to believe that. Within a week my sore looked a million times better because I left it ALONE. It still has a ways to go because I completely destroyed my poor face. :( But if feels good to be (somewhat) in control over these white plugs.

Lost Dragonita
August 01, 2018

I swear it doesn’t seem to matter to me what it is that I’m picking as long as it looks gross and like it shouldn’t be there or feels like a hair or I don’t even know! I just want to dig it out and it’s completely insane!!!
I tried to sign up for this program on here but having a hard time getting someone to help me.
I’m really truly in hell right now.

August 01, 2018

I’m so sorry. I’ve been where you are many times and I’m still struggling some days are better than other with the picking. The main thing is that I’m making a conscious effort to control this. I think for me, with this last episode, I sat back and really LOOKED at what I had just done to my beautiful face and I got PISSED. Not at myself but at this “thing” that was causing me to tear apart my skin. It was right then and there I was just like. Enough. I literally threw away all my 10x mirrors and only kept one set of tweezers and I haven’t looked back!

Lost Dragonita
August 01, 2018

I’m probably a lot older than you and can tell you that it’s entirely possible you’ll never pick again. Unfortunately I have so many scars and self loathing that I can’t forgive myself and I really want to try and capture something similar to what you’re experiencing. What a gift for you! Seize it!!!! Seriously you’re getting a gift of clarity and hope! I know that I can get there too or at least something close to it.

August 01, 2018

I’m in my late 30’s. :) This has been an ongoing battle for me since my early 20’s. I’m extremely thankful that something just finally clicked. Like a switch had been turned off. You might want to give the dietary supplement NAC a try. It helps with the urges.

anxious for nothing
December 03, 2018

I wish I had the will power to get rid of my 12x mirror and my tools of the trade (tweezers and safety pin). I am so tired of being like this. Every time that I think it is my last time well something in my brain sends urges to my fingers and I rip my face apart. I can honestly say that feeling full of anxiety plays a big part in everything.

December 07, 2018

I can’t tell you how much this resonates with me. I have picked my skin for about 10 years now. Recently in the last two years though, I sought therapy. Not only for my skin picking habit but also the anxiety that comes with it and the anxiety that I feel, causes me to pick.
I’m kind of thankful to have found this site because I always felt so ashamed and embarrassed about this. Especially since my main picking spots are my face, shoulders and chest. All three spots very visible. And also in my pubic area. I get embarrassed and try to hide that part of my body from my boyfriend. I used makeup sometimes (which is sad because I don’t use makeup on my face only on my public area to hide my picking) OR, I ask him not to look “there,” since I know him well and feel comfortable asking him that. I hate it. I actually threw my tweezers away and my mom was gonna buy me some replacement ones and I had to tell her no no no! I can’t have those in my possession. Sometimes I sneak her tweezers and pick the hair out of my legs.
I went to therapy and it has helped. But I still fail to control the urge at times.
I just picked yesterday and the day before ..and today. I feel so shitty that I did.
Anyway..I’m sorry if this isn’t a helpful post but I just felt like your post helped me so I wanted to share.
From a fellow sufferer.<3

anxious for nothing
December 08, 2018

pickerick. I sooooo know how you feel. I have been there thousands of times. I got so tired of trying to hide my spots on my face that many times I would just not try anymore. I would go to work and I can feel people looking at me and wondering what the hell is wrong with that girl. I hated that. My husband doesn't understand this disease and that makes me twice as anxious. Just stop picking he would say well duh.....promise me I would if I could. He is my biggest critic. He belittles me so much which lowers my self esteem and yes causes me to pick. Such an endless cycle. Does your doctor have you on any meds?? I feel that has helped me. I also tried to throw my tweezers away but haven't managed to let go of that yet.

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