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carolynje , 22 Jul 2018

Picking anything on my body

For years now I have picked at my skin. If I even think I have a pimple I will squeeze and squeeze the spot until it becomes a sore. I was amazed at how many people have the same problem as I do. Right now I am going through trying to heal my scalp. I had so many of those small, really sore little things on my scalp and of course I had to squeeze everyone of them. It's embarrassing to say but I can't sleep at night because of my picking at my scalp. I also have developed something on my chin. I am trying so hard not to pick at it but its getting harder and harder not too. Today I started looking up products for my scalp and face. I'm going to try one of them and will let everyone know if I find anything that helps (that's not a prescription). One other thing I want to comment on. Several people have made comments about having plugs that have to be pulled out. I have that and if its any comfort there is a name for it but I don't know the medical name. How I found out about this was several years ago I was going to a lady in the dermatologist office ( i don't know how to spell what her title is but maybe yall can figure out what it is anyway) an estertition and she was looking at my face and said well I don't see any pimples, white or black heads or amelias. I had never heard of this before so I ask her what it was. She said its these little things that get in your skin that you have to pull out. I failed to ask her what caused them but I told her I had them before and when I pulled it out the spot would bleed so bad for about 2 seconds them stop. The pimple or whatever it is will heal up really soon after I get them out. Also, when I had a cyst on my neck and had to be lanced, the nurse had to pull some of them out. I don't know what caused these things but in a way its a comfort to know other people have the same thing as I do and I'm not crazy.

I will continue to look for anything that will clear my skin up and keep it clear and will post my results. Hope everyone has a good day.

2 Answers
August 07, 2018

I have only recently been diagnosed so am new to the forum but have been reading lots of posts. I've seen a few people say good things about hydrocolloid patches and calomine lotion so I'm trying both of those. If you want to chat let me know

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