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July 26, 2018

I am concerned for you. Do you experience any other dissatisfaction with your looks? Or is it just the dent on your nose which bothers you so much? I believe that they can do an array of procedures to fix indented scars. There is scar revision surgery, also TCA cross...then you can do derma pen and chemical peels to even it out even more. Its difficult to tell what would be the better option for you because I cannot see the extent of the damage. You make it sound as if its extreme, but I have my suspicions that you might be struggling with body dysmorphic disorder. What particularly makes me worry for your well being is when you stated that you are ready to cause damage to your nose if only you can get help to fix it. Such things can be improved just by visiting a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon, and I dont understand why you experience such a strong compulsion to self harm? Why are you attacking yourself in the first place? Have you visited dermatologists before and had negative experiences? Please elaborate.

July 27, 2018

Hi Nose Envy, You are so amazingly courageous to get so honest and I can relate!!! Completely and totally relate! I too have done extreme damage over a short time period and then it was like I woke up from a nightmare and then had to face the monster in the mirror! I’ve done that to several places on my body and face and I still see the indentations. Some areas do heal over time but some never really heal all the way. And I hate it when people say that they don’t see my scars— “what the f**k?” If someone I know says that to me then I usually just chalk them up to someone I cannot completely trust. I hate to be like that but I can’t help it. So to answer your question, I’ve gotten fillers on all of my facial scars!! And it absolutely works! I don’t know what your nose looks like or if they do fillers on the tips of noses. I just know that I get fillers all over my face and I think you should get a consultation from someone who knows what the heck they are doing!!! Did you say that it’s been four years since that weekend? I will try and think of other things too but def go for that filler! And believe me, you probably DO NOT look as bad as you think you look! We are so brutally hard on ourselves! I wish you the best and hope to hear back from you! Best,