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Britbrat , 30 Jul 2018

Tried everything under the sun w/ no successful treatment

I suffer with this as well (even use the same methods). I don’t pick around my fingernails, but I bit my nails almost incessantly until I was in my early 20s. For the most part I have stopped biting them, but I clean them all the time to manage the urge to bite them.

I have yet to find a solution to my derm issue & have seen seen seen a handful of dermatologists in the past 6-7 years to find a remedy for my ingrown hairs (folliculitis - which affects my arms, legs, pubic area... you name it), issues with not sloughing dead skin, & extreme keratosis (arms, legs, stomach, buttocks) with no avail. I even have large, persistent cycles on my breasts, which have severely affected my dating life, mental & physical health, & self-confidence. I’m currently under the care of the head of dermatology at my state’s medical university (have been for 6 months now) with no change. I have tried virtually every combination of antibiotic, cream, ointment, & lotion & NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. Currently, my derm is having me take bleach baths every single day & use hibiclense in the shower along with Spirinolactome & Lo-Loestrin.

Products I’ve tried:
Finacea foam
Ammonium lactate lotion
Onexton cream
Cerave SA
Selenium sulfide lotion
Atralin cream
Aczone gel
Epiduo gel
Epiduo Forte gel
Retin-A cream
Retin-A Micro cream
Proactiv products
Vaniply lotion
Elidel cream
Clindamycin phosphate gel
Psoriacin ointment
Benzoyl peroxide gel
Benzoyl peroxide wipes

I am willing to do whatever it takes to have smooth skin below the neck.


4 Answers
July 31, 2018

I can relate to the bumpy skin issue. I have what looks like "chicken skin" on my chest and it looks awful when I tan in that area as the little dots stand out much more.... although it has never really bothered me to the point of picking at it. I've had it since I was a kid and came to terms with my weird chicken skin. Other things do bother me....for example, I have bit my nails ever since the age of 5. I was only able to fully break the nail biting habit by the age of 27. What helped me stop biting was a meticulous routine of always giving myself an at home manicure every week and keeping the nails clean and nice looking. I had to repetitively complete that ritual for years until the compulsion to bite finally went away. And it went away slowly and gradually to the point where one day I looked down and saw long pretty nails with normal cuticles. It was a surreal event in my life as I stopped feeling compulsions to bite because those compulsions dominated my life and I had to constantly hide my hands from people. Now I have freedom from that hellish habit. The skin picking I'm doing well with... I hope to beat this habit in my 30s. I think what u are doing about your nails is excellent...and it might eventually allow u to break the habit for good. As for the skin issues..have u ever been teased about your skin in any way?

August 02, 2018

No, not really, but it has gotten increasingly worse since I was about 14-15 years old. It started as a small sebaceous cyst on my breast with some mild folliculitis (I have very curly hair) & has turned into small-large cysts all over my breasts, severe folliculitis on my arms, legs, & pubic area & my keratosis has spread from just my upper arms to my legs & buttocks with a little on my stomach. I don’t have back acne & still suffer with some zits every now & again on my face, but no antibiotic, steroid, lotion, cream, foam, ointment, wash, or any other treatment seem to clear it. I also have mild eczema, but it is extremely minor compared to the other issues. Because I’m allergic to Sulfa drugs & erythromycin, my antibiotic choices are somewhat limited. My past 2 seems have said that they wouldn’t recommend Accutane because it usually isn’t effective for women in their late 20s...

August 02, 2018

What about chemical peels? What does your dermatologist say about that? The acids can soften the skin and possibly make the bumps look less obvious, they also exfoliate and kill bacteria...which can decrease breakouts. There are various types..maybe a glycolic acid would help? What do you think?

May 29, 2019

I have the same problem and I am finally starting to see results thanks to my new regimen. I will tell you what I do step by step. When I take my shower I first take my exfoliating shower glove and Dr. Bronners Hemp Citrus soap and wash my whole body. Next in the areas affected with Folliculitis and KP(chicken skin) I use the Brand “MURAD” AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser and massage in to skin with my hand and wash off. The next step you only do twice a week. I use Dermalogica’s gentle cream exfoliant. Leave on the cleansed area for 10-15 mins and then wash off with warm water. I do this only twice a week. Next at the end of every shower I take my Daily Mocrofoliant Powder which you pour in wet hands and rub together until it forms a cream consistency, massage this in the area for 1 minute and then wash off . This will brighten the area daily. I like to do the next step before bed after I have cleansed everywhere I take my Dermalogica Daily resurfacer pads and scrub this treatment on the effected area and let it work over night . The next day I mousturize with any hydrating lotion. Moistured skin is really gonna relieve the symptoms of Folliculitis and KP. Lastly change your diet , slowing remove dairy, gluten, and even meat from
your diet , or just reduce it in your diet. Hope this was helpful! I would like to hear about your progress. :)

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