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fallenzOr , 30 Aug 2018

Lip picking help?

My lip peels, all my life I had peeling lips and I can't see a way to fix it. I dont know what I need to do to have normal lips. I don't know if I can be called a lip picker. I do pick my lips when I leave it alone for some days and the skin gets hard, restarting the cicle. But I also had read that people with peeling lips should exfoliate them often.. but wait.. isn't this the same as pick the skin? Of course if doesnt do damage as picking but the skin just builds up again when I exfoliate, it is a cycle that never stops. So I think I need to leave lips alone without picking and exfoliating and the skin that builds up will at some point get smooth and unpeeleable? I can do it, im not compusive picker, actually I did for 7 days but I didnt succeed, the skin was so weak in the end that was not worth go on.

The other way I see for fixing my lips is that I am doing all wrong. The skin that builds up is just anxiety, and this anxiety is duo to my thinking that leaving lips alone without picking is the cure, an OCD thought. But this doesnt make sense for me, I dont see I breaking the cycle of peeling lips just by peeling the skin and removing this OCD thoght from my head.

A have another theory too and I think it may be my problem, I have an intense itchy duo to anxiety and I keep stratching my body all day long. When I stratch it, it doesnt leave wounds but the skin just falls where I stratch. I see that not only my lips but all my face loose skin when I stratch. Im doing attempts to stop stratching my body and face to see if my lips improve, but it is very hard and until now I cant figure out if this is my problem, maybe it is.

I have tested for everything you imagine, I even did a celiac biopsy to check for gluten intolerance, I dont have any health issues. But I have an allergy, a glycerin allergy, which I discovered last year by a patch test. The glycerin is mainly in soaps and toothpastes, so when I discovered I had an allergy to the toothpaste and switched to a glycerin free one, my lips and body skin improved a lot, but I was expecting that my lips peeling would stop, which didnt happen.

What do I do to fix my lips and break the cycle? Sounds a little stupid but I had lived almost all my life with peeling lips, it started with like 10 years now I am 23. And please, I tried every lip balms it just weak the skin that builds up making it falls when in contact with water, the cycle than starts again.

3 Answers
August 30, 2018

Unless you are picking and creating a cycle, then no. Have you seen a dermatologist, and had allergy and liver enzyme testing done?
Do you have other health issues? Could be a type of psoriasis or eczema.

August 30, 2018

Thanks for the reply, I think now that my itchy skin is just anxiety but I wont fix it just by stopping stratching, because I tried it again and didnt suceed. I updated my post now with more information about what I think is my main issue.

August 31, 2018

Actually I just changed my mind again, I scratched my body all day long and I see dead skins all around my face, I think i must give another try to stop stratching at all, although my body hurts a lot when I try it, like the anxiety need to go out but I am blocking it

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