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Let-it-be , 31 Aug 2018

Not to state the obvious but this worked....

All day yesterday and the day before I didn’t think much of my skin because it was pretty clear. I set a goal not to mess with anything I hadn’t already touched (obviously trying to not pick at all) but in order to try to get my face back to zero if you will.... I realized every red mark I see I remember as a recent pick and although my skin is pretty clear I just can’t seem to get 100% scab free becaue I let myself slip when I’m doing good and pick at my hair line etc.. anyways I was getting ready for bed last night and I was bummed to see about 5 bumps looking like the beginning of some breakouts. I literally said to myself no and used all my slef control to continually walk away from the mirror. I applied my trentinoin on them a couple times as a substitute to picking it made me feel like I was doing something. This morning they are calm and flat and look like they’re on the other side of their life cycle. I guess I’m not surprised lol that NOT picking was a good thing but still I wanted to share as encouragement. It is worth it to wait out a spot that’s bugging you and either sleep on it or cover with makeup because the urge will pass and hopefully the healing will start anyways and slowly we can learn we don’t new to be so “hands on” with breakouts!!

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August 31, 2018

I agree... It makes sense to not touch what is already healing if it's in a phase where there's no Gunk to pick out. It's also good to have something on hand that can calm down an area that is starting to look like something is going to happen. I just discovered Paula's Choice 4% salicylic and it works quite well. Especially around the hairline and on the head.. it definitely helps to peel already healed and scarred areas, and I found that the reddish areas have calmed down a lot.

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