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foreverpixel , 06 Sep 2018

Lets work together to stop picking the feet

OK, obviously this is the huge forum topic, trying to stop picking the feet, but still, we need to be reminded and use others experiences.

Ive had this issue for years now, don't remember how it started, it just did. Started with one foot, then it went to the other, i pick every part of the bottom of my feet, and its still a problem.

But, i can still help, cause I've tried so many methods to avoid picking feet and i can tell you how effective they work.

Firstly, its all about motivation, which sadly i lack at times.
- wearing socks at night- yea good luck with that mate, do t if ya want, i may help, if its freezing in your house and u have cold blankets. Wearing socks also promotes the i would actually avoid the socks unless they are super thin and properly really high, cause overtime i wore socks to bed, 20 minutes later, i take them off...everytime.
- Baths Are EVIL, anything water is evil....its makes your feet perfect picking victims. The hardest task ever for a skin picker is to get out of the bath. Set a timer for yourself, don't stay in for more then 2 minutes, otherwise the urge to pick will rise, your muscle memory kicks in and you start to touch your feet, not moment you are fully destroying them....literally have someone bang on the door for you to get out. Once your out of the bath or shower, DO NOT SIT DOWN. your feet are still in the picking stage, get changed, put something on your feet and go do a task, like origami or a puzzle or lego.
- foot repair creams are great for healing the skin..i love them especially know that they actually work, but don't use them at night, crazy to say, because your feet are still vulnerable to your fingers and your intent to pick and with cream, they become the perfect picking victim again. Use the cream during the day when you wear shoes which should be all day if possible, your not touching your feet, so they can actually heal.
- Now another tactic people suggest is put something on your hands at night..well....DONT DO THAT EITHER, it won't feel it on your hands, the hard coating, 10 minutes later you end up taking hem off, unless your strong mentally...o teach me great master...........yea jokes

ok now that i ranted on so much about all the temptations caused by these strategies, ill say this quickly......These strategies aint all bad and they may work perfectly for some people, but if your lick me and have ridiculous urges to pick the feet no matter what strategy...then please listen, cause I'm now gonna say what strategies I'm implicating to stop my urges.

- paper tape can become your best friend, purchase them at the pharmacy. paper tape is used to keep bandages on the skin, it doesn't cause reactions on the skin. I chose paper tape cause you don't actually feel it no the skin, even when your walking around. don't obsessively put it on, just on the impacted areas. Keep a roll in your room where you can clearly see and access it as well as remind yourself. as soon as your feet dry from having a bath or showing, put a layer of paper tape on your feet. the paper tape also kinda gives the illusion that your feet are smooth so the urge wont come from the need to fix the skin. i never have the urge to pick my feet during the day mainly cause i wear shoes and keep myself busy, so i only do this at night , but don't leave it to the last minutes, put it on asap.

- and yes, keep yourself night, do not watch videos, cause you ned one hand or no hands to hold up an iPad or watch something gone eh computer, and before you know it...your picking your still haunts me to this day.

please give my strategy a try and please let me know how to goes....we can support each other to feel beautiful and happy.
i got a cosplay convention coming and i don't to look like a midget Groot in a red wig and skirt

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