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Insecure-girl , 06 Sep 2018

I need help!! *New to site*

Hi all, I’m posting for the first time ever because I. Need. Help. I’ve always found it difficult to stop picking at my skin, (I suffer from body dysmorphia, so any perceived imperfection, in my head, has to be removed,). So I pick, scrape, rip and claw at my spots until it’s a horrific mess and I’m basically an emotional wreck by the end. Usually they heal up within a day or two, but five days ago I had a really bad episode and ripped off a very premature scab (I know, I’m an idiot). Currently I have this blood-red raised bump on my cheek, which will not go away. I’ve tried using benzoyl acid on it (because surely if it’s still raised, there must be gunk still inside it right??), but it’s done nothing. I was hoping it would form another scab but it hasn’t and as a result I’ve missed a few college classes because I’ve been too embarrassed to leave the house! Anyway, I just wanted to hear thoughts on what I should do to treat this :/

3 Answers
September 07, 2018

I have been trying to stop picking for so long and I feel like it has this little hold still where I see so much improvement but can’t be done with it 100%. It’s maddening. My improvements I credit to a few things but I reccomend for an active spot a hydrocolloid bandage. I have them all over right now to physically stop me from touching spots while also hoping they heal things still active. They’re magic and speed healing while absorbing stuff out of blemish!! I also use a retinoid cream that helps me not to scar after picking and have a couple tr hniques to avoid picking all together if your interested?

September 07, 2018

Thanks so much for your response. I woke up this morning and I think my wound is finally beginning to harden and form a scab. The real test is not to pick at it for a few days! I’ll try your suggestion of retinoid cream (as the wound is quite deep, hopefully it won’t scar too badly!). Yesterday I stuck a postit note to my mirror telling myself not to touch, and although I’ve lasted a whole night now, I keep finding in the bathroom looking at myself. It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? Also, yes, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

September 11, 2018

Sorry for very delayed response!! I wrote one awhile ago but realized I never saved it! The other techniques I have used don’t involve products. I set a timer when I am in the bathroom getting ready for bed (when I pick) but I would use it anytime you tend to pick. I started by setting it every night for 15 mins then realized I really need less than 10 if I stay focused. Doing this for awhile finally taught me to enjoy being fast and getting out and being productive in there so that I can enjoy the rest of my night and relax before bed! Now I only use time when I am feeling very anxious and prone to getting off track! I also journal/ make to do lists that I can check off. This helps me process yucky feelings away from the mirror even if those feelings are about my well as get myself into a head space of getting other things done and feeling GOOD about something. Instead of just obsessing over my face. Lastly I suggest forcing yourself to get out! I have learned when you are a picker...YOU are the biggest factor in your own healing. No cream or treatment can do what your body is trying to do naturally. And a full 12 hours of not touching and interrupting the amazing way we were made to heal ourselves from the inside out does better than any miracle product! So wash your wound...cover if neccisary makeup and or liquid bandaid so you can not see it when you do see your reflection and go about your day. Get busy. Refuse to let the picking have the power. And be amAzed as your body heals without you “helping” ;)

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