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Worriedmama , 18 Sep 2018

Daughter feet picking

Hi..I'm so worried about my daughter she is soon to be already on medication for anxiety issues which also deals with ocd and depressive issues she has been so much better since taking the tablets however has started picking her feet. They are a mess we have tried different techniques to help.her stop but nothing works. She says she don't know why she does does hurt but she feels she still needs to do it. They are a complete mess from the pads of her big toes down through the ball of the foot to the heel. Apart from going back to the psychiatrist which she does want to do, I don't know how to help her.

2 Answers
October 29, 2018

Hi - I'm an 18 yr old girl who is dealing with if not the same then very similar circumstances to your daughter. I am on meds for depression and anxiety and have been working through therapy for about 3 years now. One of my biggest problems is picking my feet. I have great difficulty stopping and some days have to tape rolled up pads to the bottom of my feet just so i can walk to school. It's very painful. What I want to say is these are a few things that have helped me that might be of use to your daughter (bearing in mind that everyone is different)
- make sure she knows that this is a diagnose condition and/or side effect that occurs in many people she is not weird or alone in this
-try other foot based routines (i make scented foot baths) but massages or painting toe nails works too
- get her to walk barefoot on grass or sand (once cuts have healed beware of infection)
- when she slips up make her a cuppa something hot and remind her that its a really hard habit to break and the important thing is that she's trying
I hope things get better - KitKat

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