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6beethoven , 28 Sep 2018

I literally pick at and eat everything.

Hi there. I’m 17 and I’ve had this problem for quite a long time, say since I was 4-5 years old. I guess you could say I had some bad habits such as sucking my thumb ( I literally didn’t stop until I was 10-11 years old) and biting my nails and eating them (I still do this). Things progressed as I aged. I started picking my nose (dare I say eat it as well), pulling out eyelashes and eyebrows and biting it, chewing on hang nails, biting the inside of my cheeks leaving gaping holes and painful canker sores just to suck on the blood, bite my lips and eat the chapped skin off, picking and eating scabs, chewing on the warts I had on my fingers growing up. But that was just the beginning of my childhood, maybe anywhere between 6-10. Things got worse. When I started going through puberty I started to get acne. I’d pop it and eat it. That was also the time I started shaving as well. I would take the razor and purposely cut my fingertips just so I could suck on the blood. I also started developing a very dry scalp. I’d pick at my scalp constantly. Recently I have gone so far to take a sewing needle and stick it under the dry, cracked skin to remove it and then consume it. Around 16, my scalp actually started to get better, and when I noticed that, I started to purposely make my scalp dry just so I would have something to pick at. I mentioned earlier that I pick and eat scabs. I used to be a cutter (long story) and when the wounds would heal, I would pick the scabs and all and eat them. It would take weeks for them to actually heal, and when they finally did heal, they just left very pink and raised scars. I eat the plaque off my teeth, and scrape all the stuff on my tastebuds and then eat it. I’ll bite the split ends off my hair as well. When I was around 15-16 years old, I discovered that the bottom of your feet have very tough, thick skin. I started taking nail clippers and clipping the skin off the bottoms of my heals, the balls of my feet, and my big toe. It would be fine the day I clipped it off, but the next few days after it would sort of hurt to walk. It’s been so bad lately with my feet that I literally take a KNIFE and filet off all the thick skin on the bottoms of my feet. I eat things from the corners of my eyes, earwax, ingrown nails or hairs, literally ANYTHING. Please help. I don’t know why things have gotten so bad, and it seems like I pick and eat close to anything.

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