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mamma , 22 Jun 2009

I was able to make it so far today without picking

Hi I am just writing on here right now because I have been thinking about picking for like the past hour. Maybe even more than that. My husband has a blackhead on his forehead and I want to squeeze it out. Then on the way home from dinner my eyes and fingers kept wandering to my arms..... I was able to make it so far today without picking
3 Answers
June 22, 2009
HIGH FIVE mamma!!!! for no picking...i am pickfree today too! Though it sounds simple, "JUST STOP" is probably the best no-fuc#ing-around advice I've gotten from this site. I am avoiding mirrors, keeping busy, and not letting my anxious fingers scan...keep strong sister! & all of those of you reading this! c.a.
June 23, 2009

In reply to by clarity-alas

Nice job, Ladies! So glad I logged on to get inspired. "Just Stop", indeed! I needed that, as my roving hands were up to no good. I was just thinking about all the excuses and rationalization I have been using for years: "Just this one. Only a little bit. It will look better. I have to get that one..." it goes on and on. The real problem is I'm worn out and exhausted, need to shower, but am afraid to. Keep up the good self talk and keeping a grip on the here and now!
June 23, 2009

In reply to by serenitynow

thanks for the support ladies : ) I have not picked yet today. I will not pick - just for today. I did pick last night, but I am trying not to let that get me down. I tend to get so mad at myself ane really bash myself after I have a picking episode but today is a new day! I also have to get in the shower soon. So I made sure to come here to read and write on this forum first. I also signed up for the online counseling available through this website today....

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