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snipzie , 09 Oct 2018

Cleansrs, washes and moisturisers please

Hi....all of the above have exacerbated my skin issues. I would like sime suggestions of what any have used that is fragrance free or unscented please. My cupboard is like a store with nixed products!
Thank you...s

10 Answers
October 13, 2018

Simple rich moisturizer and cerave foaming cleanser I have been using forever and love! Both gentle and effective.

October 13, 2018

Thanks for yiur reply. I can't use the Simple moisturiser, but do use the cleansing wipes without a problem (although, it does get washed off). I've started using the cerave foaming cleanser. Seems ok,so far. I just found the LaRoche Posay Toleriane sensitive Fluide and will give it a week. I'm wanting to try the Toleriane sensitive caring wash now.

anxious for nothing
November 01, 2018

I use Neutrogena facial soap fragrance free but don't know if that too effective. Is the cerave foaming cleanser fragrance free???

November 01, 2018

Hi...yes, it's fragrance free. It's not the best for me lately, so I've switched to Bioderma Sensibio mild cleansing foaming gel and the sensibio light moisturiser. I did try the sensibio AR, but ended up with an issue on my nose that hasnt been for over a year!! So I'm nixing that for a bit, because it's got something that my pores dont like.
The Paula's Choice 2.5% benzol peroxide has been really good as well.
You could consider the CeraVe night moisturiser....basically, it's a crap-shoot regarding what your face likes or not.

anxious for nothing
November 10, 2018

Do you like the Paula's Choice benzol peroxide? I have been researching for days of what I can use at night to wash my face in. I came across Paula's Choice on the internet and just ordered it tonight.

November 10, 2018

I've used lots of stuff from PC.....the BP 2.5% seems OK, but it is bleaching out my pillow It's in a nice base that I really like. I just ordered the Clear Pore Normalising Cleanser and the Clear Oil-free should be here on Monday. I must clarify I'm 64 with no oily skin. My issue is with blocking and healing of the milia and other that I pick when it gets inflamed....a cycle that can go awry fast or heal without issues.. I don't get pimples anymore, but with the natural exfoliation slowed waaaay down, any moisturiser that adds sebum creates a bad situation. Healing has lots of inflammation that lays down either more collagen or keratin or both, and if they dont get picked out, the skin heals over it with recurring issues and spreads outward . So, I do use salicylic acid and glycolic acid, but finding the balance of cleansing, inflammation, dryness, moisture and exfoliation is exhausting.

November 13, 2018

Snipzie do you experience comedones that stay under the skin and never rise up to the surface? I totally understand how you feel about the cycle of cleansing, inflammation, dryness, moisture, and exfoliation. I am dealing with this all the time and the tricky part is trying to find a good balance.

November 16, 2018

Hi serene....I rarely get whiteheads, but when I do they heal quickly after sthe gunk and the plug is removed.. I guess it's because I don't create the kind of damage that creates those thingies caused during healing.
The others rise with a white tip....sometimes, rarely, they heal after they are extracted and salicylate applied.

February 24, 2019

I use Mario Badescu's Enzyme Cleansing Lotion (its a face wash, weird name, i know lol) It has a weird slimy-ish feel and it doesn't foam. BUT it is the greatest face was i have ever used. I have hypersensitive skin along with eczema, and this face wash hasn't caused any irritation. I love Mario Badescu products. I use the Enzyme Cleansing lotion, and then the Seaweed Toner afterwards and then a noncomedogenic CeraVe lotion (white and blue bottle, the lighter formula cause I have oily skin). But yeah. It takes like 2 weeks or so to see a difference with the face wash. For me when i first started using it, I had lots of little bumps with no heads all over my skin on my face and i pushed and picked at those for the longest. This routine has seriously made my skin so much better, and I would recommend it to everyone in the world if I could. I know I'm super late posting this but, I hope this helped!

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