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SoooTired , 10 Oct 2018

Nocturnal sleep Rhino

For years I went to doctors complaining of daytime sleepiness. I would fall asleep while driving, at 9 a.m., after thinking I was getting a full night's sleep. When I go to bed I fall right to sleep, but I'm exhausted in the morning. For years I was dealing with a sore in my nose that wouldn't go away. I had it tested for mersa and was thinking I would have to have a biopsy done on it. Finally, one doc gave me some ointment and it healed up. Not long after that I was noticing dry scabs in my bed in the morning that looked like something I'd find in my nose. I then started to realize what I was doing at night, while sleeping I was picking my nose. I had absolutely no control over this. I have tried gloves, mittens, finger cots, taping gloves and mittens on, but I take them all off in the night without even knowing that I am doing it. My nose is always red now. I'm concerned I am going to hurt myself badly but I have found no way to control my hands at night. I have not sleep in the same bed with my husband for four years because I don't want him to know that I am doing this. It is so embarrassing. I am a person who feels under stress most of the time. My daytime schedule is full. I don't feel overly anxious. I am not compelled to pick my nose during the day, but I if I have scabs, during the day I struggle to keep my hands off those. My sons seem to be pickers too. Any suggestions?


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