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Let-it-be , 15 Oct 2018

I managed to not pick for awhile and learned a lot about my skin

Some things I learned about my skin from not picking when there were things I really felt needed to be “touched” to heal: 1) if you suffer mainly from picking and not necissarily acne, letting breakouts be heals them...I have always dealt with the feeling that if I have breakouts or a pimple I would eventually need to do something about it. Either pop it or treat it religiously with product or it would come to a head and then would need to be removed so not picking was a hard mental battle when I felt it may often be inevitable. 2) picked skin heals when left alone too. As long as I kept my skin clean, I applied liquid bandaid so I could effectively cover with coverup and they healed. I even wore concealer on the spots at night after washing etc to help me feel better about them and forget about them. They healed pretty fast. 3) it’s hard but I CAN not pick and after a few good days I am going to want to do it even more so I need to remember to stay consistent and strong!

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